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lecture: Design Thinking for Geeks

Tools to gather usable user input


Imagine a system that actually blends into the working reality of the people using it, adding value and being accepted. Understanding the perspective of the user is key to design such a system - with design thinking, you have tools at hand to systematically gather needs and requirements, document them and measure your development against it.

This lecture is intended for people who regularly have to define projects and systems and would like to ease the process of gathering requirements and increase acceptance.

Design Thinking tools allow to systematically change the perspective, create a dialogue based on real needs and create a framework in which both business and developement can find themselves and collaborate.

Sounds like paradise? Paradise is hard work, be assured. In the talk I will give a rough idea and make sure that you take some ideas away with you for direct application.


Day: 2016-09-14
Start time: 10:15
Duration: 01:00
Room: G110
Track: Business
Language: en


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