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Speaker: Jeff Gehlbach


Jeff has worked with free software since the mid-1990s and has practiced the discipline of large-scale network management since 2000. His current role as Director of Applied Innovation at The OpenNMS Group lets him continue both these pursuits, and even affords him to write the occasional line or two of code.

Jeff started computing in 1982 with a Commodore 64, irreversibly damaging his mind by playing in BASIC there and on a succession of MS-DOS and Windows PCs before making the move in 1994 to Linux. He later worked as a WAN and systems engineer for several small ISPs and then for NASA, where he learned to spell SNMP and deployed Concord eHealth. In 2000 he joined Concord's consulting unit, later jumping to the Empire business unit and working on the SystemEDGE SNMP agent and its integration into the eHealth suite. Following CA's purchase of Concord, Jeff first deployed OpenNMS on a scrounged Solaris server at BellSouth (now AT&T) and became hooked, attending Dev-Jam 2006 at his own expense. In late 2006 he was voted into the Order of the Green Polo, and a year later joined The OpenNMS Group. Today he divides his time among client support, consultancy, sales, marketing, and the occasional bug-fix.